Seat Select

Seat Select​

We offer you the chance to pre-book any seat of your choice. Be it window seats, aisle seats or even seats with extra leg room, take your pick at a nominal cost.

For Domestic Sectors

Sr. No. Row Window Seat Middle Seat Aisle Seat
1 3, 12, 13 INR 1000 INR 1000 INR 1000
2 4 to 11 INR 350 INR 350 INR 350
3 14 to 20 INR 250 INR 150 INR 250
4 21 to 31 INR 200 INR 150 INR 200
5 3, 12, 13 @ Airport INR 1200 INR 1200 INR 1200
6 3, 12, 13 @ Corporate INR 750 INR 750 INR 750


For International Sectors

Sr. No. Row Window Seat Middle Seat Aisle Seat
1 3, 12, 13 INR 1200 INR 1200 INR 1200
2 4 to 11 INR 450 INR 450 INR 450
3 14 to 20 INR 400 INR 150 INR 400
4 21 to 31 INR 300 INR 150 INR 300
5 3, 12, 13 @ Airport INR 1400 INR 1400 INR 1400
6 3, 12, 13 @ Corporate INR 950 INR 950 INR 950

Terms and Conditions:

  • Seat fee is refundable only in the event of booking being cancelled by the passenger (2hrs prior for Domestic booking and 3hrs prior for International booking) or the scheduled flight being cancelled by the Airline
  • Seat fee stand alone is non-refundable
  • Seat fee is non refundable in the event of:
    • When passenger does not report to the boarding hall or passenger does not report for his flight
    • When passenger exchanges seats at the airport
    • When passenger does not report to the boarding hall or at the airport for the flight and is reaccommodated on the next flight
  • Seats on Row 3 are classified as premium seats only owing to its proximity to the entry/exit point, which facilitates passengers seated in this row to board last and exit early.
  • To be seated in an exit row seat with extra legroom, guests must meet the following requirements:
    • Should be 18 years or older
    • Physically able to reach, locate and operate the emergency exit window or door, and to quickly pass through the exit
    • Able to understand and acknowledge instructions given by our cabin crew in English or Hindi about the tasks expected to be performed in an emergency evacuation and able to read the safety card provided for that purpose
    • Able and willing to assist the crew and other guests in the evacuation of the aircraft
    • Able to check outside conditions and respond to cabin crew requests before opening an exit
    • Not be in any stage of pregnancy
    • Not have any condition which may prevent performing the duties listed above, be it a consequence of age, frailty, injury, physical or psychological disability, mobility, vision or hearing impairment, sickness, injury or anything else
    • Not travelling with children or infants

Refund if Passenger cancels

  • Passenger cannot cancel this service on standalone basis
  • This service will be refunded for passengers who cancel the booking partially or fully
  • In case of date change, this service will be transferred to the new booking
  • No refund will be provided in case of no-show or passengers who do not avail this service in spite of purchasing the same

Refund if Airline cancels

  • This service will be refunded in case of flight cancellations by airline