Smart Assist: Book Elite Class Management Services When You Travel With Go First

Sometimes, you need a bit of assistance while travelling. You may require help carrying heavy bags at the airport or you might even want someone to guide you with check-in. After all, those sprawling airports can often get a bit confusing. 

What if you had your very own personal assistant guiding you right from check-in to the boarding gate? Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Say hello to Go First's Smart Assist

Smart Assist is your very own ‘meet and greet’ service available at metros and other select airports in the country. This service has been launched by Go First in collaboration with Elite Class Management Services.

With Smart Assist, you can enjoy a truly hassle-free airport experience! Here are some things that Smart Assist does for you:

  • Handles heavy luggage

An Airport Porter Service will help you with your luggage upon arrival or departure. You can even avail this service when going to receive your loved ones at the airport. Now, you can travel worry-free as your bags are loaded or offloaded by professional porters. Spend time with your loved ones as we take the load off your shoulders. 

  • Offers guidance from check-in to the boarding gate

Receive complete guidance from check-in right up to the boarding gate. Now, you will never get lost at the airport again. Smart Assist services will ensure you get all the help you need for a seamless and relaxing travel experience every step of the way. 

  • Helps when you travel with kids

Let your fun time with the little ones begin right at the airport. With Smart Assist, you can focus on your kids as you receive help with everything from carrying your luggage to getting to the boarding gate. 

Air travel has never been more relaxing!

 Who is Smart Assist suitable for?

Smart Assist can prove helpful for anyone. These services are especially recommended for:

  • First-time passengers
  • Business passengers
  • Solo travellers
  • Passengers travelling with kids
  • Senior citizen passengers

If you feel you could possibly benefit from an extra helping hand at the airport, do opt for Smart Assist for a seamless and hassle-free travel experience. 

How to book Smart Assist?

Smart Assist is available through Go First's website. All you need to do is log on to the, provide a few details about your journey, and fill up your contact details to pre-book this service. This service is provided at a nominal charge.

Book here.

Fly Safe, Fly Smart

At Go First, your safety is our top priority. We have taken all the necessary measures mandated by the government to make your travel contactless and safe so rest assured when you Fly Smart, You Fly Safe.